Why we are asking for money

Fortunately, we live in The Netherlands. Having a child with disabilities brings along many expenses, but a lot is covered by the city or the insurance. However, not everything. And when you add it all together it really adds up. We not only notice it in our expenses, but there are also cuts in our income. Due to the intensive care for Vera and the many medical appointments and hospital stays, it is difficult for Leonie to work more hours. Initially the plan was that Leonie would work two days a week, but it has become one day a week. Niels was forced to end his freelance photography side business, because he could no longer combine it with work and the home situation. We could certainly use your financial support.

What we would use your donations for

To give you an idea of the expenses we have:

  • fuel, parking fees and lodging from/to/at the hospital in Utrecht (about 40-80 trips a year)
  • Costello Family Meeting conference in UK, 2017
  • medication that is not covered by insurance (stomach protectors, painkillers, sleeping medication: 50 euros a month)
  • small pharmacy costs such as saline nose spray, nose drops, oral rehydration solution, ointment
  • membership to the toy library to borrow custom play materials
  • bottles of hand sanitizer to prevent illness/infections in our home
  • special need toys

Supplies we would love to purchase for Vera but need money for, for example:

  • Dutch sign language materials from Lotte en Max
  • new rain cover for the cargo bike (which we had to purchase to be able to bike around with Vera)
  • “snoezelen” (controlled multisensory environment (MSE) therapy) materials such as ball pit balls (due to the danger of infection Vera can no longer use the ball pit in the therapy room)

Your gift to help pay for all these things would be appreciated very, very much! Just to be clear, we are not an official charity and do not have charity status. This means that unfortunately, your gift would not be tax deductible. We can explain on a yearly basis what has been done with the donations received. And we can always explain by request or allot your donation for specific things!

How to give

  • By making a direct deposit into ASN bank account NL25 ASNB 0708 5966 73 of N. de Zwarte from Gouda, The Netherlands (this is a separate account we opened specifically for Vera’s medical costs that will not be used for anything else. Unfortunately, we were unable to open a checking account in her name since she is still too young).
  • Transfer money quickly and easily through Paypal or credit card by clicking on the button below:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

We would like to thank you in advance!