Caring for Vera

In Dutch the word for ‘worries’ is the same as the word for ‘caring’.
The saying: ‘Zorgen moet je doen niet maken’ means something like: ‘The act of caring is better than worrying’.
This saying hung on our mirror for a long time. Loesje illustratie gezin

And that’s how it feels: there is enough to worry about (which we do) but it’s even more important to give good care to Vera.

We are so blessed with all the support from people around us; family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and members of our church.

Besides that, we are surrounded by many professionals. A big thank you to everyone and some links to the wonderful people and institutions that have had Vera in their care:


Wilhelmina kinderziekenhuis (WKZ)/ UMC Utrecht


Vera’s many medical appointments

Ronald McDonald Huis Utrecht

Willem-Alexander kinderziekenhuis/ LUMC Leiden

Emma kinderziekenhuis/ AMC Amsterdam

Stichting Kinder Intensive Care

Groene Hart Ziekenhuis Gouda

Sophia Revalidatie

Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam

Logopedie Groene Hart

Fysiotherapie Praktijk Noorderwerf